Ice Chip #153 – You could earn up to $7,000.00 by referring Remember the Ice!

If the subject line got your attention, I am excited you are reading on.

Remember the Ice is looking for companies to work with. Companies YOU know that could benefit from understanding how they can Increase Sales with BETTER Word Choice!

If you have read my books and used the concepts to enhance your communication skills, you already know and have experienced the benefits of eradicating “(K)notty Words”!!

Well, we want to offer an aggressive incentive for your referrals. As much as $7,000.00 or more!!

We are specifically looking for referrals to companies with sales organizations of 50 or more representatives; customer service departments with 50 or more employees; and marketing/advertising companies who are open minded to creative ideas.

We are open to new clients on a world wide basis.

Specific industries include Marketing Associations, Advertising Agencies, Financial Services Companies, Hotels and Airlines. Other industries are also welcome.

So how can you earn this?

If you refer Remember the Ice to a company, and they become a client, you will receive a 20% referral fee for the business that is transacted – for 12 months from the initial date of work with that client!

This includes Keynote Speeches ($7,500.00 fee); One Day Training ($15,000.00 fee) and 5-Day Immersion Training ($35,000.00 fee). Referral bonuses would be $1,500.00; $3,000.00 and $7,000.00 respectively!

You also receive 20% of product sales!

Why would we do this?

Here is a little background:

Cindy Baldwin, an accomplished speaker, referral agent and friend from Anchorage; started the Alaska Speakers Bureau and the Northwest Speakers Association in the summer of 2011. She aligned herself with the Siebold Success Network (SSN).

SSN is a performance-based paid referral network for aggressive, independent minded, speaking, training, coaching and consulting professionals who have banded together to unapologetically advance their own self-interests within a system that rewards them financially for helping others do the same. SSN members have the freedom to select or reject any potential referral partner, industry vendor or speaker they choose and are encouraged to pursue these relationships to maximize their own profits. SSN as an entity exists solely for the purpose of providing an economically sound, profit-driven platform that our members can leverage to build their business, whether that includes clients down the block or around the world.

Steve Siebold
Siebold Success Network

We joined in late November and are excited to be kicking off the first meeting to promote the SSN concept for the Northwest Speakers Association on March 12th in the Seattle area. (More on that in the next Ice Chip)

Here is some background on why the generous referral fees:

The Siebold Success Network concept of paid referral marketing was conceived during the crisis that paralyzed the industry after the 9/11 terrorist attack on America. Conventions were canceled; meetings were put on hold and airline travel restricted. Professional speaker Steve Siebold had 12 employees to feed, $60,000/month in business overhead and a file cabinet of canceled contracts. Out of desperation, he began calling everyone he knew and offering them a percentage of any business that developed from leads they gave him. He created a one-page contract and faxed each referral partner a copy. In less than eight months, Steve landed speaking, training and consulting contracts in twenty-eight Fortune 500 companies directly from these referrals that generated over one million dollars in revenue, paying out $110,000 in commissions. The business from these referrals made Steve Siebold one of the most successful non-celebrity professional speakers in the world.

After being interviewed about this street-savvy marketing strategy in speaking circles for many years, in 2009 Steve launched the Siebold Success Network (SSN) for the purpose of building an international coalition of speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants who band together at live events to showcase their skills and sign contracts with others who wish to act as a referral agent. Three live events were held in Atlanta over an 18 month period with 162 speakers in total attendance. The average speaker walked away with 33 referral contracts that yielded 8-10 referrals per contract. Over two million dollars in business was closed as a result of these deals.

So thank you in advance for reading all the way through this Ice Chip.

Thank you in advance for looking in your Rolodex, your contact sphere, your business card file, etc for contacts you know would benefit from learning how to utilize the cutting edge concepts of Remember the Ice.

Empowering Regards,



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