Ice Chip #157

So, which is it??

Miss the amazing prices!?!?

Or Shop this week’s top picks.


Your choice.


Based on word choice and resulting behavior, more will skip and miss the top picks from this well known store. (Some of you may have already figured out whose email advertisement this is.)

Send me your guess…. and, if you are correct; I will send you the brand new Remember the Ice eWorkbook. This powerful tool will be available on Thursday March 29th at 12:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time!!

It contains the many of the tools I use to train my RTI Certified Paradigm Shifters. Most of all, it has the fundamentals necessary to understand the concept of BETTER Word Choice and how you can apply it improve your communication skills. There is a special section on applying the skills to business: The art of providing Exceptional Care for Your Valued Client

All of these great tools for only $3.97!! You will be able to order your eWorkbook on early Thursday morning Pacific Time. One minute past midnight. You will receive a special email with the link on Wednesday March 28th.

Back to the message at the top. What usually follows when a “(K)notty Word” is used?  The resulting behavior is the opposite of the desired message.  In this scenario the retailer would like their customers to purchase the amazing finds. Unfortunately, the message says to MISS them. In fact is gives you permission – You CAN MISS them.

I know. You wonder how can that happen? Especially when the next message is really what they want to say, and what they want you to do. What would you likely do if this was the message you saw?

I would be willing to bet you would be asking the salesperson, associate, manager, or whoever knew; where this week’s top picks are located. You would find them, and probably get one of the items.


When we remove the “(K)notty Word” statements; we remove the conflicting message that comes across. We get rid of the unnecessary difficulties that are innocently inserted in our message. When we stop and think about what we want to convey: be specific and add that pinch of panache, the end result is usually a win-win!

Thank you for seeing if you know the retailer who presented the copy used in this Ice Chip. Again, if you can correctly identify them, I will send you the brand new Remember the Ice eWorkbook! It will be available for sale on the Remember the Ice website at one minute past midnight (PDT) on Thursday morning the 29th.

Have a BETTER Word Choice Week!!

Empowering Regards,



P.S. Recently, several of you who have been receiving the QuoteActions messages that are highlighted below have been having difficulty receiving them. I have been in touch with Rick Itzkowich, the creator of QuoteActions, and he shares this comment:

Bob,  Unfortunately your friend is with and it seems that all those subscribers are no longer receiving QuoteActions from any of the senders. This has to do with Comcast servers that flag our messages and block them. My only suggestion is to have your friend create another email address i.e. a Gmail address and then forward the QuoteActions messages to his own Comcast account.

Sorry but there is nothing else we can do on our end to have them let our messages pass.

Warmest Regards,  Rick

Other servers have also been blocking the messages. The best recommendation may be to set up a Gmail account as Rick suggests. Thank you for your understanding.


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